In 2003, borne of the desire to build a company driven by passion and the highest standard of excellence, Adept Recruitment and Headhunting Firm (Pty) Ltd was founded by Mia Leslie–Reid. Mia is part of EO (Entrepreneurs Organisation). There are only 10% females who belong to this global organisation of entrepreneurs.

We take pride in our selection processes and the subsequent successful placement of numerous candidates in a vast scope of industries, over the recent years. Adept Recruitment adheres to a multitude of ethical codes and thus, apart from our guaranteed professional services; you can also be assured of the confidentiality with which we handle all positions and applications, thereby protecting the rights and interests of both clients and candidates.

We offer full testing, assessments and a full targeted and selection in finding the perfect culture fit and skill set for your business. Finding talent that has the right attitude is essential to any company's growth and success. We tailor-make and customise recruitment solutions to suit individual needs that are specific to each client and industry vertical. We are a global generalist company that has top niche talent scouts who specialize per industry from very junior roles to mid weight right the way through to senior exec level.